New UK Web Shop – Everything you need for the support and monitoring of your PROFINET, PROFIBUS and AS-i networks, including EMC diagnosis.

Control Specialists Ltd now have a Web Shop. Located on the PRODUCTS page of their Web Site, you will find hardware and software solutions for all operational, support and monitoring requirements on PROFINET, PROFIBUS and AS-i networks. You will also find tools to assist in the diagnosis of EMC-related problems and conformance to EN 50310 (Application of equipotential bonding and earthing in buildings with information technology equipment). We can provide you with sales support, technical support and application support on all products and can also assist you on site.

The web shop allows you to create your own electronic quotation which will be emailed to you and also provides downloadable data sheets and manuals for the products which include:-

  • Indu-Sol Installation & Operational Qualification Tools.
  • Indu-Sol Permanent Network Monitoring Devices.
  • Indu-Sol Infrastructure Components.
  • Indu-Sol Connectors and Belcom Cable.
  • Indu-Sol EMC Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools

If you have an application that you would like to discuss in more detail or would like a demonstration of any product on the site, please call 01925 824003.

Control Specialists Ltd play an active role within the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International Organisation (PNO) and regularly give presentations and training in the UK, see our web site for more details.